Hey there, Stranger!

HELLOOOOOOO there! I’m Marrian and I’m the brains behind this humble new blog. Wherever you’re coming from, I hope you stick around and read a few articles. The topics will vary, some will be political, personal or even a good old-fashioned rant. Read the posts and leave a comment or like whenever you can! And […]

Work, Balance and Other Impossible Things

Although I’m relatively young, I’ve had the privilege of working a variety of jobs. I have mixed feelings about each position but it’s definitely given me great insights into the dos-and-don’ts of a functional, healthy professional life. I’ve worked part-time, full-time, all-time, remotely, in-person, morning hours, evening hours… basically, I’ve had my fair share of […]

The Three Cs: Control, Certainty and Coronavirus

While I’ve tried my hardest to avoid writing about the current pandemic, I find myself being carried away by the tide of its rapid updates and developments along with everyone else. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, not the first of its kind, but still a growing world issue. Over the last two […]

Share & Promote Your Blog — Dr. Eric Perry

Dear readers, I want to create a directory for my readers to connect with each other. If you would like to share your blog, please leave a description of what readers will find if they visit your site. Hopefully, this will create positive connectivity for our blogging community. Please share this post! Kindly, Dr. Perry […] […]

Social Media = Social Pressure

As with many advances brought about by the age of technology and science, many conventional beliefs are changing. Social expectations, communication and even human interactions are no longer what they once were 100 years ago. We can talk to people on the other side of the world, work for bosses we’ve never met and find […]

Feminism: A Contradiction

In lieu of the 6th of February being the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), I felt there was no better time to write about this topic than today. Although I’d been brooding over the matter for several weeks, I couldn’t quite put my thoughts to words just yet. The dilemma […]

The Distorted Image of Success

You’ve heard this before, someone somewhere once had nothing and now they’re a successful billionaire. So-and-so invented this amazing gadget or started that successful company with nothing in the beginning. It seems like we never run out of stories about ‘Rags To Riches’ but seldom does anyone ever tell the struggles and endless challenges they […]

The Destruction of the Afro-Sudanese Civilization*

If you’ve lived in Sudan and more particularly Khartoum, you’ve definitely experienced what I’m about to describe. It’s 12 pm and you’re stuck in traffic. The heat is scorching hot and the streets are roaring with beeping horns and ant-like commotion on the sidewalk. You stare at your watch and realize you’re going to be […]